“People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think that animals are worthwhile.” David Attenborough

Projeto Oncafari Jaguar Project

Jaguars in Brazil have been in conflict with landowners since the first Europeans settled in the country. The increased demand for land and a large human population have pushed Jaguars to the brink of extinction in at least two biomes, the Atlantic forests and the Caatinga. Jaguars are protected in Brazil, however they are still hunted illegally both in retribution for livestock losses and for trophies. Furthermore, Jaguars are coming under fire for attacks on humans.

Simon Bellingham is currently working on a project in Brazil to habituate wild Jaguars in a protected area of the Brazilian Pantanal. This is done in much the same way that Lion and Leopard have been habituated in Africa, respectfully approaching selected animals over an extended period of time.

Jaguars on this property are now safely viewable by wildlife enthusiasts from game drive vehicles, much the same as the big cats in Africa. Viewable Jaguars in Brazilian wilderness areas have added tremendous value to the animal which, in turn, has contributed to their protection and the protection of the habitats in which they live.

Simon and his good friend Mario Haberfeld who heads up the project are planning to emulate this project in other areas and possibly with other members of the Panthera genus. Simon has worked with Mario since the inception of the Jaguar habituation project and continues to assist in this exciting project in various aspects of the habituation work as well as by bringing new ideas to the project from his exposure to wildlife around the world.

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“The team at Projeto Oncafari; are absolutely an amazing group of people inspired by a wonderful conservation initiative of habituating the Jaguar. They take you on a journey of a lifetime experiencing an abundance of diverse wildlife within untouched wilderness that captivates your senses. But witnessing the Jaguar in real life was something to treasure. Watching these majestic animals in their natural environment and immersing with such an amazing animal was an experience of a lifetime. The Projeto Oncafari Team took us on an insightful, educational, passionate and immersive Jaguar experience unlike anywhere in the world.”

Marija Danilo

“Adam Bannister of the Projecto Oncafari took very good care of us.  Adam led us to the extraordinary sighting of the Jaguar and cubs and Giant Anteater and pup, as well as many other views of the local fauna.  His expertise and persistence achieved the unexpected.  On these kind of trips you have wishes but nature is nature and there are no guarantees.  So when you see a sought after target it is indeed a thrill.”

Steve and Robin Zarate 

“Shan and I have just returned from an inspiring expedition to Caiman Ecological Refuge situated in Southern Pantanel, South America. We were kindly hosted by Roberto Klabin, the owner of this remarkable property and although for the past 250 years cattle has been the primary land use practice for the area, Roberto Klabin is a leading conservationist in Brazil has afforded absolute protection of wildlife on this ranch for the past 30 years. Proving that nature is an enduring partner, the proof of Klabin’s visionary work was there for us to see.”

Dave Varty of Londolozi