Home of the walking safari.

 Authentic bush experience, totally immersive and non-pretentious.

 Exceptional boating and canoeing on the iconic Zambezi River.

 Breathtaking Victoria Falls – one of the “seven Natural Wonders of the World”.

 A warm, welcoming country.


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In the north, considered the jewel in the Kafue crown, the Busanga Plains are home to impressive herds of Red Lechwe and Puku while the papyrus dominated Busanga Swamps offers some of the best viewing of Sitatunga, the most aquatic of all antelope. This wealth of game is a big attraction for predators, including African Wild Dog packs, an occasional Cheetah and prides of Lion.



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The legendary Zambezi River is, in itself, a spectacle and is the namesake of this pristine wilderness. The Lower Zambezi National Park, on the mighty Zambezi, and opposite to Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools, offers an authentic experiential safari with a large variety of activities including day & night game drives, walking, canoeing, boat safaris and catch & release angling.



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Walking safaris originated in this park and this is still one of the finest ways to experience this exceptional wilderness. The concentration of wildlife in the area is awe-inspiring – Buffalo and Puku congregate on the plains alongside endemic species such as the Thornicroft’s Giraffe, Cookson’s Wildebeest and unique Crawshay’s Zebra. Predators here include Lion, impressive numbers of Leopard and the elusive African Wild Dog.

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“The Smoke that Thunders”, accurately describes the rising shining spray and foaming waters that roar deafeningly as the Zambezi river hurls itself 103m down the falls. The falls have been given the status of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and when David Livingstone “discovered” the falls in 1855, he gave them the highest honor he could by naming them after his Queen.


It is hot and rainy, most camps close and many roads become impassable. You can however visit Victoria Falls.

JANUARY: The wettest month of the year. Victoria Falls levels begin to increase.
FEBRUARY: Rainfall is still relatively high.
MARCH: The last month of the rainy season and many camps are now underway with the rebuild for the season ahead. Victoria Falls is usually pumping due to high river levels.

VICTORIA FALLS: Average Day: 30°C and 86°F | Average Night: 18°C and 64°F
LOWER ZAMBEZI & LUANGWA: Average Day: 31ºC and 88ºF | Average Night: 20ºC and 68ºF

As the rains subside and the ground dries out the camps are being rebuilt for the season ahead. The bush is green and lush. Wildlife sightings are beginning to be very good. Days are warm and the evenings cool and sometimes cold.

APRIL: The rain subsides gradually and most camps open again. Water has reached the catchment area and Victoria Falls are at the highest flow.
MAY: Most of the rain has stopped leaving the landscape bright and green. Water flows strongly at Vic Falls despite the start of the dry season.
JUNE: The days are clear and warm, this is a lovely time to be on safari as the temperature is pleasant, especially for walking safaris. The grass has now also flattened and the bush has opened up offering better visibility and improved wildlife sightings. Water levels at the falls should still be good.

VICTORIA FALLS: Average Day: 27°C and 81°F | Average Night: 10°C and 50°F
LOWER ZAMBEZI & LUANGWA: Average Day: 30ºC and 86ºF | Average Night: 14ºC and 57ºF

This is the peak safari season and a superb time in Zambia, especially for walking safaris as the temperature is moderate making walking comfortable (especially in July and August). Game viewing is excellent. Spaces fill up well in advance so we suggest planning ahead. Devil’s Pool may become available at Victoria Falls.

JULY: The coolest month of the year making it perfect for walking safaris, days are warm but nights can be cold.
AUGUST: A dry month and as temperatures starts to rise the bush opens up improving visibility.
SEPTEMBER: A lovely dry month with balmy evenings. At the Falls, Devil’s Pool becomes available as the water is low enough.

VICTORIA FALLS: Average Day: 28°C and 82°F | Average Night: 9°C and 48°F
LOWER ZAMBEZI & LUANGWA: Average Day: 31ºC and 88ºF | Average Night: 13ºC and 55ºF

It can get extremely hot in October before the November rains. Wildlife sightings are superb as animals keep close to water sources. This is when the Lower Zambezi and Luangwa come into their own as they both have rivers as the central attractions and this becomes “safari mania”.

OCTOBER: The hottest month of the year with chances of some scattered rain showers.
NOVEMBER: An unpredictable month during the transition from the dry to rainy season. It is best to view Victoria Falls from Zimbabwe side as the Zambian side is mostly dry.
DECEMBER: A wet, humid month as the rainy season has started, most camps close. Levels at Victoria Falls start to rise.

VICTORIA FALLS: Average Day: 32°C and 90°F | Average Night: 18°C and 64°F
LOWER ZAMBEZI & LUANGWA: Average Day: 36ºC and 97ºF | Average Night: 21ºC and 70ºF


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