Easter Weekend Tiger Sightings

Bellingham Safaris guests on tour in India had excellent Tiger sightings over the Easter weekend (they spent over an hour with 5 Tigers in Kanha National Park!). While the general wildlife sightings have been excellent in India this year, it is the cat sightings that have really stolen the limelight-: The group currently on tour […]

Destination of the Month

Odzala (Republic of Congo) – March 2017

Home to significant populations of Western Lowland Gorilla, Forest Elephant and Forest Buffalo; as well as pristine tropical forest interspersed with savannah and mineral rich bais, Odzala National Park is the gem within central Africa’s parks. WHY WE LOVE ODZALA Western Lowland Gorilla — the highest densities in Africa. Leading conservation initiative — preserving a rich rainforest, […]


Uganda Expedition Trip Report – February 2017

Gorillas, Chimps and more!!! Our Bellingham Safaris scheduled expedition to Uganda in February this year was a wonderful success. Hosted by tour leaders Simon Bellingham and Greg Whelan, the intrepid tour participants were able to enjoy fantastic sightings of Uganda’s wildlife including the endangered Mountain Gorilla in Bwindi, tree-climbing Lions in Ishasha and Chimps in […]