Easter Weekend Tiger Sightings

Bellingham Safaris guests on tour in India had excellent Tiger sightings over the Easter weekend (they spent over an hour with 5 Tigers in Kanha National Park!). While the general wildlife sightings have been excellent in India this year, it is the cat sightings that have really stolen the limelight-:

  • The group currently on tour in India saw 3 Asian Leopards in Satpura National Park.
  • Our Snow Leopard Tour last month produced 5 Snow Leopard sightings and a Eurasian Lynx.

Also on the cat front (but this time in Brazil) in early April the Oncafari team in the Brazilian Pantanal added an additional female Jaguar to the growing number of animals they have respectfully worked with to habituate. Bellingham Safaris has helped the Oncafari Jaguar project in numerous ways since it’s inception with Simon being a co-founder. The credibility of the work done by the Oncafari Jaguar Project was further elevated when BBC showcased their work to the world at the start of this year in a documentary narrated by, none other than, Sir David Attenborough!

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