The best place for chimpanzee tracking in Uganda.

Spectacular primate diversity.

A bird watcher’s paradise with more than 370 species.

250 species of butterfly.

Chance of seeing elusive nocturnal species on night walks.

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Top Mammals of Kibale

  • Chimpanzee
  • Guereza Colobus Monkey
  • Central African Red Colobus Monkey
  • Blue Monkey
  • L’Hoest’s Monkey
  • Grey-Cheeked Mangabey
  • Potto
  • Demidoff’s and Thomas’s Galagos

Top Birds of Kibale

  • Green-Breasted Pitta
  • White-Naped Pigeon
  • Narina Trogon
  • Black Bee-Eater
  • Superb Sunbird
  • Cassin’s Spinetail
  • Abyssinian Ground Thrush
  • Blue-Breasted Kingfisher
  • Crowned Eagle