“Simon, it was a joy and a genuine honour to have been with you on this latest (our third) trip with Bellingham Safaris. Thank you and your staff for the fantastic job you all did on behalf our recent adventure together to the island of Borneo. The accommodations at Bilit Rainforest Lodge, Borneo Rainforest Lodge, and especially Tabin Wildlife Resort were perfect. Our discovery, and gorgeous photographs, of 32 new species of mammals, over 140 new birds, and 7 new snakes (plus many uncounted other amphibians and reptiles and flora species) would not have been possible without your monumental dedication and guiding skills! I would like to share with any potential traveller(s) who may be interested in an expedition or journey with Bellingham Safaris, that the real treasure of such a proposed trip is the honour of being in the “bush” with Simon himself! I’ve said this about very few people: If I was the Secretary General of the United Nations, rather than just having World Heritage Sites, I would institute the title of “World Heritage Human Being.” Simon’s authentic love of our natural world is both intoxicating and inspiring; his enthusiasm to share with others his vision of a better world is inspirational beyond words; and his selfless and unwavering dedication to the welfare of all sentient beings upon our planet, our stunningly beautiful planet, is without equal!”

Richard and Theresa Orzeck (United States) – Borneo 2017


The arrangements you made for me were absolutely first class. I was met at every stop AND I was treated like a VIP! Tswalu had been told exactly what I hoped to see and my guide set out to find me my “wish list”. I did get photos of both aardvarks and pangolins. Of course I uploaded them to my computer before I even carried the rest of my luggage into the house! Ngala was also terrific – lovely guide, excellent staff. The number of days you booked for me at each camp worked out perfectly. This was my first experience using a non-U.S. company and I could not have been more impressed! I will certainly recommend Bellingham to my friends. Many thanks!!

Mary Fine (USA) – South Africa 2017


Greg looked after us perfectly! We had a wonderful time in Cape Town, and Greg contributed enormously to our experience. He was thoughtful, informative and pleasant to spend time with, and he anticipated our every need. We learned so much about Cape Town and the history, flora and fauna of South Africa. It was a truly memorable experience.

Andrea and John Tunks (USA) – South Africa Cape Town 2017


We want to heartily thank you for the whole trip, all the organization and various experiences from the wildlife, scenery, cuisine, social, religious, historical and cultural point of views, were fantastic.
Indra’s organization on the whole trip, was spotless to say the least, so we owe him a big standing applause for that. And all the attentions, food and lodging at the various lodges and hotels were superb. We had immense luck with the wildlife sightings and Indra put us always in the right spot, especially for viewing the Royal Bengal Tiger and the other emblematic species that survive. We look forward to future excursions with your Team.

Rafael & Mirtha (Venezuela), Tony & Alba (Italy) – India 2017


The trip was incredible – properly awesome. It was everything I hoped it would be, and more! Thanks for everything.

Lauren Alexandra (United Kingdom) – India 2017


We arrived back in the UK full of wonderful memories from our trip with you in Uganda. We all loved our time with you and were delighted by the engagement and commitment you showed both to us having an unforgettable experience and also pointing out the desperate need for conservation efforts and the role we can play in facilitating this.

Giles Campion (United Kingdom) – Uganda 2017


To Simon, Greg & the Bellingham Safari Team, a massive thank you for such an incredibly fulfilling, interesting and fun trip Uganda trip! To absorb the culture and the nature of Uganda was fantastic. We had such a great time with you both. Usually when holidays come to an end I am ready to go home, but I am still missing Uganda lots! I was still out in the bush!

Emma Campion (United Kingdom) – Uganda 2017


We have just returned from a wonderful trip to Uganda with Greg and Simon. We had the pleasure of being with people, who were not only very knowledgeable about wildlife, but were also passionate about conservation. Their energy and commitment to making our holiday as fabulous as it was, is something we as a family of 6 are truly grateful for. We had amazing sightings, our daughter Laura a very close encounter with a curious Gorilla and saw so much of Ugandan life. We have every intention of booking our next trip with Bellingham Safaris. Thank you so much!

Vanessa Campion (United Kingdom) – Uganda 2017


We had a brilliant time.
It was great to have someone waiting for us when we arrived and steer us through the mayhem of arrivals and then get us onto the next flight.
It really made a difference to have all the logistics taken care of and we could concentrate on enjoying ourselves.
Your ‘little’ welcome pack was more like small suitcase!
We have made good use of it and I have decided that I can use a binocular harness which I had been thinking about for a long time.
Thanks very much for all your thinking and planning on our behalf.

Giles and Renee Braithwaite (United Kingdom) – Botswana and Zimbabwe 2016


We had a fab time. Everything was so well organised it was a dream! The guides were all great. I would tell everyone to spend more time in Diskit as it is amazing…We will definitely book with you again!

Elizabeth Hicks (United Kingdom) – India 2016


Thank you very much for all your help and time in organising this amazing trip. It was a fantastic experience! We have so many wonderful memories with Keiko, Remo, James and all the guides and staff who looked after us so well. Sharing these two fun weeks of laughs, safaris, dinners (and wines) and chats with such warm-hearted, friendly, welcoming and lovely people made it unbeatable! So thank you so much specially to Keiko, Remo and James from both of us for this. James was great, teaching us so much about the birds, animals and South Africa. He looked after every detail so we totally relaxed and didn’t have to think a thing, well other than selecting what delicious food to eat! South Africa is such a beautiful country surrounded by nature and wonderful animals…that I hope we get a chance one day to return to explore more of it! Thank you very much once again to you all!

Remo and Leila (Swiss) South Africa 2016


We enjoyed ourselves immensely! Our sightings were fabulous and all of the lodges were perfect. I don’t think it would be humanly possible to have done any better.

Richard and Theresa Orzeck (United States) – South Africa 2016


My wife and two daughters have just returned from a fantastic safari organised by Bellingham Safaris. We stayed at 4 different sites, travelling in and through 4 different African countries with 5 internal flights and road transfers from each flight both ways. The meeting and greeting at every air transfer was seamless, road transfers all very comfortable with plenty of room for all our luggage and drinks. All hotels / camp sites and wildlife experiences unforgettable, we cannot thank the team enough and will certainly be booking with them again. Already planning 2018.

Jeremy, Cheryl, Emma and Lauren Ruggles (United Kingdom) – Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa 2016


It is with great pleasure that I send you our warmest thanks for the planning our last Namibia Safari. How could you top our last 4 journeys? Everything was planned with so much knowledge and kindness to give us the maximum for our trip. And it was indeed the best we could get. We had so much pleasure and enjoyed every day. All in one: Thank you. It was a wonderful trip. Who has not seen all that has not seen Namibia. We had been before but this was to top everything we saw previously. Now we are happily back home with new experiences and beautiful pictures in our camera and video but above all in our soul.

Bellingham Safaris guests (Swiss) – Namibia 2016


We had a terrific time. Overall, a wonderful experience filled with terrific memories, and Lawrence Weitz did his usual superb job.

Alan Livingstone (America) – Borneo 2016


Memories are one of those things that can never be taken from you. They are a gift that truly lasts. This trip made memories that will last a lifetime. Saying thank you will never do the trip justice – but let it be a token of our gratitude for a lifelong gift.

Claire and Kyle (South Africa) – South Africa 2016


Organisation was excellent from start to finish – it was seamless and not easy to achieve in a country where if it goes wrong then it could have big repercussions for a trip like this. All staff involved in transport and at the lodges were great – five star. In Indrajit we had a superb trip leader whose knowledge and in particular his skill at putting you in the right place to observe was excellent in terms of the wildlife. His presence on the trip was always just right (not overbearing and not under caring for want of a better phrase) and his organisational skills where superb. He is obviously well respected by his Naturalist peers in India and this helps make these trips work even better. Accommodation was overall excellent – staff in the main superb and attentive and service excellent often going beyond expectation. So in conclusion a great trip brilliantly organised – thanks so much for making it a brilliant holiday that we will remember always.

Simon and Maria Wills (United Kingdom) – India 2016


The trip was absolutely wonderful, from start to finish. James, Phunchok and the team were excellent, the porters were super and honestly I can’t think of a single thing that could have been done better. They even gave us a shower tent, which was hugely exciting after not showering for a few days. And to top it off we saw four snow leopards, which was crazy considering our expectations of seeing one were near zero. I think just to be in that area was a privilege especially with a guide and team that were so respectful and knowledgeable about the surroundings and eager to expose us to all aspects of the natural world and creatures both big and small. Having been on dozens of safaris around the world I definitely think this was a stand out trip. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Again, thank you to your team for the brilliant organization.

Nayantara Kilachand (India) – India Snow Leopard 2016


There is so much to see there that we would love to return one day. Thank you for co-ordinating such an inspiring trip which ran so smoothly. There were road and air travel plans galore but they all fitted in so well! Ethiopia has it all! The last night was spectacular WOW! I was so inspired by the place that I want to return. We loved it all, Africa’s best kept secret. Thank you for all your efficient organising!

Kathy Milford (South Africa) – Ethiopia 2015


We had such a wonderful time with you in the Pantanal. Thank you and the team, and all the Caiman staff again for a fabulous experience! We can’t say enough about the excellent service and care we were given! I feel very privileged to be included in your and Simon’s premier tour. And I would love to stay informed on the Project and on the progress of all the Jaguars. The entire team is doing a fantastic job, and I thank them all for their dedication, perseverance, and for the great job they did in guiding/hosting us!

Blair Thompson (United States) – Brazil 2015


We wanted to thank you for a super trip. I consider this to be one of our best trips ever. The wild life encounters were beyond anything we had ever experienced before. Birds and animals simply posing in the clear view was something that blew us away. Your guiding was incredible. You demonstrated incredible care to each one of your clients so that we could get the best vantage points for photos or viewing of birds and animals and asking us every day if you could do anything to improve our experiences. No one else we have traveled with expressed so much concern for each and every client. The jaguar experiences were beyond our wildest expectations. 6 jaguars in 3 days/4 nights – were INCREDIBLE! Hyacinth macaws so close we had to back off on the zoom in our cameras sure beat the spotting telescope views we had before this trip. Then seeing over 200 birds in 7 days was icing on the cake! You knew we were type As and were so happy to go out with you every morning at 4:45 in the a.m. at Crystalino lodge. Snake wrestling by you was not on our list of what we had hoped to see but it was amazing! We could go on and on. What a privilege it was to go on this trip with you. We truly feel that you made every effort to enhance our experiences in every situation. Each and every one of us had incredible experiences with those jaguars. We all loved each encounter. It goes well beyond seeing jaguars and macaws. It’s about the proximity to the wildlife and incredible viewing and photographic opportunities. Where else can you go and photograph animals just sitting there singing and living instead of running away from you. The beauty of the setting of the lodge at Caiman was spectacular. WOW is all we can say! To take us personally to Crystalino was over the top. You made sure that we had the greatest use of our short time there. We loved the river, the tower, the walks, the butterflies, the pouring rain and the birds, birds, birds! Our photos are the best we have ever taken with the opportunities created by you. We’ll be back!

Bellingham Safaris guests (United States) – Brazil 2015


Thank you for our wonderful trip. It was a special experience! Game drives were wonderful! Thank you once again for making it all happen.

Nelson Mannrich (Brazil) – South Africa 2015


Well, you are stuck with us now. We cannot thank you enough for the amazing trip we just had with you down in the Amazon and Pantanal. Simply put it was amazing! Thanks again for such a memorable experience.

Gary Brielmayer (United States) – Brazil 2015


Everything was absolutely fantastic. Thank you again for your help, guidance and patience in putting this trip together. It definitely is a trip that we will never forget and we will be back some day to do another Safari. When we do, we will be in contact.

David Cromie (United States) – South Africa and Zambia 2015


We can´t thank you enough for planning such a wonderful trip for us. It was a truly unforgettable experience! You were very kind and patient from the beginning of our planning, sending many suggestions and adjusting itineraries as needed. All the information sent on documents and forms were also very important. (although, truth be said, nobody asked for any documents on customs in SA! but we never know…) Your representative in Johannesburg was very sweet. On the last day she even gave Manuela a goodbye gift! As for the lodges…. oh well… I don´t think we´ll be able to find the exact words to describe them. The service was more than excellent, the accommodations fantastic and the staff absolutely perfect! Game drives were wonderful! We got to see all the big 5 and much much more. Our rangers were very cool and Manuela had many birthday celebrations… they were all unforgettable! Thank you once again for making it all happen. We want to go back sooner than later!

Celso, Manuela and Manuela Mannrich (Brazil) – South Africa 2015


My family has done over 20 trips around the globe led by Simon Bellingham. Simon started guiding and planning wildlife trips for us a decade ago and we have had some of the most wonderful moments of our lives because of him.

Thais Racy (Palm Beach, United States)


We had a great time and are so glad that we planned a trip to Tanzania to see a different part of Africa.  Thank you for putting together this tour for us. All of our transfers via plane and road went smoothly.  We ended up seeing a total of 4 crossings. Thanks again for arranging an amazing trip!

Mindy Mohr (United States) – Tanzania 2015


We could not have had a more wonderful experience, amazing journey and thoroughly delightful company without Simon Bellingham (Bellingham Safaris Ltd.) It goes without saying, he and his staff arranged a fantastic itinerary with wonderful accommodations. Moreover, Simon’s enthusiasm for wildlife, nature conservancy, and life in general is unsurpassed. His knowledge of the flora and fauna of Africa enhanced our understanding and appreciation of the sights and sounds of the environment around us, and we came away with so much more than we ever expected.

Blair Thompson (United States) – Tanzania and Uganda 2015


What could be more important in life than sharing wonderful experiences, with wonderful people, in wonderful places. Bellingham Safari’s certainly cater for all three and we will remember our time spent with Simon forever.

Sam Branson (United Kingdom) – 2015


I’ve just returned from the most fabulous holiday ever. All the arrangements made by you were just perfect. There was no hitch or delay at any point in the trip. Thank you for everything Shelly and do convey my best to Jen and Simon. I would recommend your organization to any and everyone travelling to Africa. Looking forward to dealing with you again in the future.

Navin Sakhuja (India) – Namibia 2015


I can’t thank you enough for an unforgettable time and experience on my first trip to Africa! It was truly magical and well beyond my wildest dreams! You went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and for that I will be forever grateful! Your joy and passion for you trade is inspirational. You have opened Adam and my eyes to the world of conservation and left footprints on our hearts! You are the gold standard of wildlife conservation and we were lucky to get to spend a few weeks in your world.

Emily Thompson (United States) – Tanzania 2015


I wanted to let you know that we did indeed find some Tigers on the trip.  We saw 9, photographed 7 (if I got shots of the four youngsters with their mom) and had a very good time.

Larry Jackson (United States) – India 2015


We had a great time. Letaka were great. Excellent guides and good fun. Vic Falls was excellent. James was awesome. He was so patient with the boys. Great to meet Simon and Jen. Like James they are very passionate about the outdoors and travel. Would love to travel to Africa again.

Justine Blanchfield (Australia) – Botswana and South Africa 2015


We had an absolutely magical time. I might chuck it all and become an animal tracker. Thank you again for all of your help – the arrangements were seamless. We would recommend Bellingham (and Ulusaba) without reservation.

Carrie Coon and Tracy Letts (United States) – South Africa 2014


Acknowledgment in Wild Soul publication
Jenifer, for her patience and perfection in making travel reservations to the remotest places on the Planet.
Simon, my friend and companion in innumerous adventures, for the passion he shows for everything he does, for all he has taught me and for conducting me to the best angles in which to take most of the photographs in this book.

Mario Haberfeld (United States) –  2014