Simon Bellingham developed a passion for wildlife as a young child growing up in rural Zimbabwe where he fostered his love of the bush during holidays in remote regions such as the Zambezi Valley and Hwange National Park. Although he went on to obtain a Master’s Degree in Chiropractic, his passion for nature could not keep him away from the lure of the great outdoors and he soon resigned from the comforts of life as a Doctor for a career in wildlife.

He began his guiding profession at &BEYOND’s Ngala Private Game Reserve and Londolozi where his passion for everything natural blossomed and he soon joined the ranks of senior guide. Here he also had the opportunity to work with legendary trackers such as Richard Khosa and Elmon Mhlongo. During his time Simon has guided many celebrities, most notably Kofi Anan, Mary Robinson, Graca Michel, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Wales and Richard Branson. He maintains that his most cherished sighting whilst living in the bush was of Nelson Mandela.

Simon has led mammal based wildlife trips as far afield as China where he tracked Giant Panda, India for Snow Leopards and Tiger, Brazil, Borneo and Antarctica; as well as East and Southern Africa; this has given him a broad based knowledge and a wonderful understanding of mammal behavior.

Simon spends much of time in the field exploring new destinations and helping design exciting wildlife getaways. He currently lives in Cape Town with his wife, Jenifer and his son Marlin. Simon loves guiding family tours and is very popular with children, his infectious enthusiasm combined with excellent field and people skills make traveling with him nothing but a delight.

Simon is a co-founder of Projecto Oncafari and Wildlife Conservation and is currently working with Brazilian conservationists and government on Jaguar Conservation in Brazil.

Simon is a member of the Field Guides Association of South Africa and has obtained the highly esteemed level three qualification in guiding and tracking.


We enjoyed ourselves immensely! Our sightings were fabulous and all of the lodges were perfect. I don’t think it would be humanly possible to have done any better. Dear Simon, you’re an amazing man and a wonderful humanitarian. It is our honor to have you as a friend!
Richard and Theresa Orzeck (United Kingdom) South Africa 2016
“Meeting Simon, it is immediately clear why he has had such a remarkable career as a safari guide. He sees the big picture of nature, and it inspires in him a sense of reverence and amazement. Those who travel with him will not fail to sense his respect and delight in mammals, his profound understanding of their behavior and its importance to the rich web of life of which we are a part.”
Roddy Bray - greatguides.org
“Simon Bellingham was the perfect guide for us – apart from being most competent in all tour related matters, he also managed very well to get even Fiamma interested and fascinated. He also improvised very well when needed – such as when he gained access to our hotel even when all routes were officially closed due to a sporting event. Simon had been highly recommended to us by our friend from Brazil, and he exceeded all our expectations – well done Simon, and thank you very much!”
Franz Von Furstenberg
“I want to say that Simon was great, fun and worked his tail off to get us some great photo ops. Please pass on our regards and appreciation.”
Larry Jackson
“Overall we were very fortunate, but could have just as easily gone home without a panda sighting, but I knew that going into the tour. Simon was determined to get everyone onto a panda.  I enjoyed Simon’s company and hope to have him guide me in Brazil.”
Pete Ferrera
“Simon was a gracious host, a knowledgeable guide and a fantastic steward.”
Tim Campbell
We wanted to thank you for a super trip. I consider this to be one of our best trips ever. The wild life encounters were beyond anything we had ever experienced before. Your guiding was incredible. You demonstrated incredible care to each one of your clients so that we could get the best vantage points for photos or viewing of birds and animals and asking us every day if you could do anything to improve our experiences. No one else we have traveled with expressed so much concern for each and every client. You knew we were type As and were so happy to go out with you every morning at 4:45 in the a.m. at Crystalino lodge. Snake wrestling by you was not on our list of what we had hoped to see but it was amazing! We could go on and on. What a privilege it was to go on this trip with you. We truly feel that you made every effort to enhance our experiences in every situation. Our photos are the best we have ever taken with the opportunities created by you. We’ll be back!
Bellingham Safaris guests (United States) – Brazil 2015

Thank you for not having an evaluation form. But if you did send one, and the most excellent level were ten, I’d give Simon and his crew in the Pantanal all an eleven!!! It is such a joy for us to be out in the bush with Simon. His enthusiasm, knowledge, and own delight of all of the other creatures we share this planet with fills us both with awe.

Bellingham Safaris guests (United States) – Brazil 2015

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