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Quilalea is a hidden gem, with a relaxed castaway style where you can snorkel the island’s shores, dive from the main beach, kayak the mangroves or relax in a hammock beneath the giant Baobab trees. Found in the Quirimbas Archipelago, this private island offers seclusion and privacy, with the only residents being the hotel guests and staff. For the diving enthusiast, Quilalea offers some of the best SCUBA diving in the Quirimbas, only 20 metres offshore.

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Vamizi is so secluded that you would be lucky to see a boat sail by. The lodge does not offer plunge-pool five star resort style luxury which would be completely inappropriate here, rather Vamizi offers something far rarer – a place to kick off your shoes (leave them off for the duration of your stay!), truly have the ocean and powder-white beaches to yourself and just connect with nature (your private butler will make sure that everything else is taken care of).



Along the historical Mozambique Channel lies tropical Ilha de Benguerra, an African island paradise washed by the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The Island comprises of forest, savannah, freshwater lakes and wetland eco-systems that sustain a diverse population of fauna and flora. Time here can be spent relaxing on the unspoiled white sandy beaches, diving the remarkable dive sites, fishing (subject to a strict “catch & release” policy) and enjoying the varying habitats the island has to offer.


Mozambique has an enviable climate and the islands are blessed with hot, sunny weather year round; with little or no rainfall through most of the year. The prevailing trade winds do bring some breezes, the gentle north easterly from November / December to March, which also brings the chance of some showers, and the slightly stronger but dry south easterly trade wind from May to September.

Considered to be the ‘green season’ these are the most humid months where temperatures often reach more than 35ºC. Days are hot and sunny with tropical rain bursts, but these usually occur in the late afternoon or overnight and bring welcome relief from the heat. The turtles are laying their eggs along the beaches from December to February and hatchlings appear from late January through to March.

JANUARY: The wet season. Rain and humidity levels are very high.
FEBRUARY: The peak of the wet season, the wettest and hottest month of the year.
MARCH: The last month of the rainy season.

SOUTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 31ºC and 88ºF | Average Night: 23ºC and 73ºF
NORTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 32ºC and 90ºF | Average Night: 23ºC and 73ºF

April can still be a little wet but the days are lovely and warm (not as hot and humid as January to March) and the evenings start to cool. From about June whales start appearing along the coastline, this is also a great time for diving. May and June are lovely months.

APRIL: The rain subsides gradually, and the temperatures fall a little.
MAY: Clear air and warm temperatures at the start of the dry season.
JUNE: A dry, lovely month with warm days and cooler evenings – some of the best weather in Mozambique.

SOUTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 28ºC and 82ºF | Average Night: 16ºC and 61ºF
NORTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 31ºC and 88ºF | Average Night: 21ºC and 70ºF

Very much like May and June, July to September is lovely and warm with cool evenings. This is one of our very best times for Mozambique and from about June the Humpback whales start appearing along the coastline, this is also a great time for SCUBA diving. 

JULY: Lovely warm days, cooler nights and very little rain. 
AUGUST: Like July, the days can be hot, but the nights cool down. 
SEPTEMBER: The driest month of the year, with increasingly warm days and lovely evenings.

SOUTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 26ºC and 79ºF | Average Night: 15ºC and 59ºF
NORTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 30ºC and 86ºF | Average Night: 19ºC and 66ºF 

Days are now much hotter with little rain in October. Heat builds from late October and the much needed rains start in November. Deember is also the start of the turtle nesting season.

OCTOBER: The hottest of the dry months, with balmy evenings and rains begin in late October.
NOVEMBER: An unpredictable month during the transition from the dry to the rainy season.
DECEMBER: A wet, humid month as the rainy season has started.

SOUTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 30ºC and 86ºF | Average Night: 22ºC and 72ºF
NORTHERN MOZAMBIQUE: Average Day: 32ºC and 90ºF | Average Night: 23ºC and 73ºF

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